Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse
Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse

The food we consume, the air we breathe and the kind of lifestyle we live impacts on each and every aspect of our body, including the internal systems that keep us going. Let us face that the human body is full of toxins that are produced as a result of the lifestyle choices that we make. These toxins then impact the body in different ways, causing various health issues at one point or the other. To be precise, we are all toxic and there has to be a way to remove the toxins that are stored in our body and are good for nothing.

Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse by Detoxify

Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse

To serve the purpose of removing toxins from the body, Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse by Detoxify comes with an herbal detox drink for extra strength and removal of impurities from the body. Xxtra Clean has been formulated using ingredients that help in cleansing out toxins from the body. It is a deep cleansing program that leaves the body strengthened from within, increases immunity and helps the organs perform their functions better.

What sets the supplement apart from other products of the same kind is its ability to aid your body in its natural detoxification process. Without using any quick fix method, Xxtra clean helps your body to detoxify naturally.


The supplement comes in 591 ml serving size in a lovely red coloured bottle. The ingredients include:

  • Vitamin A, D, B6, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Niacinamide, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, Manganese, Pectin, Ginseng extract, Milk Thistle Extract and other ingredients.

Xxtra Clean claims to detox the three most important systems of our body that are the circulatory system, digestive system and the urinary system of harmful and impure toxins.

As these are the three main systems that are responsible for different functions in our body, cleansing them completely gives them their much-needed detox from poisonous chemicals that are gathered in the body.


There are plenty of benefits that Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse offers to its consumers. For starters, it claims to purify the system of toxic body materials that do more harm than good to the digestive, respiratory and urinary system. Therefore, the Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse offers full system cleansing through the amalgam of ingredients that it is formulated with.

For example, all the ingredients cater to different needs of the body’s different functions. They support the function of the liver, kidneys, heart, circulatory system, respiratory system and also replenishes the nutrients that are lost during cleansing.

Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse Xxtra Clean detoxifies intensively which helps the body organs to perform their functions in a better way, with less effort and more ease. Once the system is cleansed of toxic material, the body automatically starts to feel as if some kind of dirt has been removed from the insides, which is quite literally what happens in deep cleansing.

Another benefit includes removing the remains of smoking and other drugs from the body. if you are somebody looking forward to get clean from undesirable drugs and smoking, going on a pre-cleanse and then following up with Xxtra Clean detox drink is a great way to start your intensive cleansing program. This herbal cleanse detox drink will help in removing all the toxin waste from smoking and drugs completely out of the body, making it easier for you to quit altogether.

How it Works

In order to get maximum results from the product, Detoxify recommends that you need to plan ahead before you start your detox cleansing. The process is known as pre-cleanse. Here are some of the steps that if followed as suggested, claim to yield best results:

  1. Before going on a detox, choose a day on which you would like to use your Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse detox drink
  2. To prepare your body for a deep cleanse, start consuming more organic foods including fruits and vegetables
  3. Make a habit of exercising daily and keep your body hydrated at all times before the xxtra clean
  4. Finally, drink the entire contents of your Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse drink
  5. Wait for at least 15 minutes, refill the bottle with water, shake it well and drink the water
  6. After the primary cleansing, keep drinking water throughout the day in order to get the best results from the cleansing program.

Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse Now that you know how the entire process of deep cleansing works, it is important to mention that Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse targets three systems in the body that are:

  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Urinary system

By thoroughly going through all these systems, this detox drink makes sure that all the impurities and toxins are flushed out of the body via urine.


  • Cleanses toxins from the body
  • Available for short-term and long-term detox goals
  • Cleanses digestive, circulatory and urinary systems
  • Comes in various flavors
  • No added sugars
  • Is ready to drink
  • It is herbal


  • The taste may not be pleasing to everyone
  • Pre cleanse is an additional requirement
  • Urinating frequently might cause hassle for some time

Final Verdict

An extensive research on the product has brought us to the conclusion that Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse is a great option for people who wish to go on an intensive cleansing program. The product has been designed and formulated especially for the purpose of deep cleansing toxins from the body.

The ingredients used for the formulation are clearly stated on the label, which shows the transparency of the company and its intention behind creating the product for the specific purpose of deep, intensive cleansing.

However, the process of cleansing needs to be repeated every once in a while, as our body also produces toxins while getting some from external sources that include our food and other lifestyle choices.

Even then, if you are somebody who is looking for a deep cleanse or let us say a breath of fresh air for your system, then this product is a must try for you. It is available on Amazon and retails for around $20, which is totally reasonable and worth the product that you get in return.


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