In order to provide you with access to our product, we require information about you.  You can learn how to manage your information by checking out the settings options.

Content and its security

Our website collects some of your information such as when you sign up in order to have access to our website, there is a certain set of fields that are mandatory for you to fill including your name, email etc.  We ensure that your personal information shall remain confidential and shall in no way be accessible to anyone else.

This privacy policy explains

The privacy policy shall explain:

  • What types of personal information is required and collected by our website
  • How it is used
  • The way our website collects your personal information
  • For how long the website shall retain your personal information.
  • Assurance that our website does not make your personal information public or visible to others.
  • How our website protects your personal information.
  • The choices and rights that have been provided to you regarding updating and uploading your personal information .
  • How to drop your feedback and whether it is accessible to you or not
  • Underage children cannot access the website

Processing provided information

Depending on the personal information you provide. Our website is a processor of personal information submitted to our portal. Personal information is highly confidential data that anyone would hesitate to share with any social network. Definitely, you would require complete assurance that your data is safe and is not being misused.

Types of information collected

We may use the information provided by you in the following ways:

  • To show our Website and the content uploaded on it to you.
  • To make interactions easier for you on the website.
  • To make accessing the latest updates and information much easier for you.
  • To make it easier for the website to handle your access to the services.
  • For the website to have any means of contact in case we have to update you with our latest posts.
  • To notify you regarding any issue.
  • To make your interaction easier with the website and people accessing the website.
  • To know the type of services you require from us.
  • To fulfill your requests.
  • To send promotional information and other communications regarding our products or Services.
  • To prevent fraud or abuse.
  • Could be for any other means we describe at the website while collecting information.
  • To provide you with any means to engage with us.
  • For any other purpose but with the consent of

The way personal information is collected

  • Our website provides an online form for you to fill when you are signing in and also when you are subscribing.
  • When you create an account to use our Services
  • During the performance of search queries
  • When you contact us, or any other user via us
  • When you try to access our blogs
  • You contact us outside our website through facebook, twitter etc
  • When you request help from our team.
  • When you respond underneath our posts.
  • When you ask us for updates.
  • When you want to post something on the website that should be displayed in front of the entire public.
  • When you share information with other users.
  • When you register for more information.

How long is your data retained?

Our website may retain your personal data for a certain period of time depending upon the original purpose of why we collected your data in the first place. For example, we may keep your confidential data while you have an account on our Website in order to attain our Services, or in case you have subscribed to the website, and for a certain period of time after you have removed your account.

 How does the website keep your information secure?

Our website is responsible to attain such security measures that will assure the security of your data. Reliable technical security measures shall be taken to protect your personal information from any sort of accidental leakage, illegal use without consent etc. Even though we implement security measures that are apt and reliable but please know that no security measures can be entirely perfect or impenetrable. In case of any issue involving hacking or unauthorized use of the content of the website, our team would not be responsible, though we shall try our best to ensure that nothing like that happens.

Make sure you apply proper security and privacy settings. The privacy settings provided by us have been designed so that they are easily understandable and manageable by the user. There are various categories of those settings so they may meet the requirement of every user. It is your responsibility to keep your password only to yourself and not share it with anyone. In case that password reaches the hands of someone untrustworthy and they misuse it, then the website would not be responsible for such a situation. In case you really have to then be sure that you do not share your password with anyone untrustworthy especially on a public forum or through any social media since it is very common that information shared via social media can easily be leaked and attained by anyone. The information shared in public forums may even easily be viewed. We can only control the activities of the website but we cannot control the actions of other users of our Websites especially in case you choose to share any of your personal and confidential information here with them.

Right to Access or Rectify Personal Information

The website gives you the right and the authority to easily access and rectify your personal information in case any mistake has been made by you while writing it previously. If you have to review your personal data, you can log in to the website, go to the “My account” or “Settings” options. Go to the “my data” option. Click at the pencil-shaped icon right next to every field of information you have written and make your required changes. After that click at the save option so that the rectified information is saved to our database.