how to detox your body

How to Cleanse Your Body After enjoying a holiday, vacation or festive season, one feels tired, exhausted, and in need of a quick detox. Keep in mind that detoxifying may help keep you feeling strong, and is very important for a healthy inner core and foundation for a complete weight loss regimen.

Our body has a great detox process on its own that helps to keep us healthy and alive. However, there still may be harmful effects of unhealthy choices and the main damaging result of an unhealthy diet over a period of time is an affected metabolism.

Furthermore, metabolism disease may be seen as in weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced energy, sugar cravings, and sleeping difficulties. However, luckily for us, there’s a safe way to detox our body within as little as 24 hours.

How to Cleanse Your Body

Although there is no such thing as a one-day magic treatment for detoxifying, it will help you find the restart button. It gives you improved sleep, making you happier which helps with overall stress relief. This allows you to make good long-term healthy choices.

Furthermore, there are a few basic adjustments that you can make today to easily move your body into good health mode. This is why we have collected the best 8 ideas to help you clean up the mess in your gut, reduce bloating, and improve your fitness.

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An Adequate Amount of Sleep

Trying to give yourself a full night’s sleep is one of the easiest ways to relax and refresh your body. Moreover, sleep has been linked with weight loss, decreased cortisol level and tension, and improved mental health.

The great thing about sleep is that it doesn’t need much time to start rehabilitating your core. Furthermore, a good sleep allows the body the energy and space it needs to remove contaminants. If you have a good night sleep, it means that your body will get the chance it needs to recover.

How to Cleanse Your Body

Our body works hard during the entire day and it needs time to repair itself so it can work properly the next day as well. Therefore, it is important to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day, especially at night.

It is best to sleep at night instead of the day as our body is not used to sleeping in the blue light that is emitted from sunlight during the day.

Proper Hydration

Your body’s cells are always ready to work well and dissolve the carbohydrates needed. Furthermore, such methods produce waste as urea and carbon dioxide. This may cause damage if it gathers in the blood.

Water absorbs these waste materials, quickly removing them by urination, coughing, or sweating. Therefore, it is necessary to drink the needed amount of water for detoxification. The right intake for water is around 3 liters for males and 2 liters for females.

How to Cleanse Your Body

Take Out Time for Exercise

Regular exercise leads to a healthier life and fewer chances of different diseases and disorders. This involves type 2 diabetes, cardiac failure, elevated blood pressure, and some cancers.

However, there are many factors that show the positive effects of exercise, one of them is reduced inflammation. It is an important factor. Some inflammation is important to recover from an infection, but too much of it weakens the body causing disease.

Furthermore, exercises that reduce inflammation let the detoxification system fight better and defend against disease.

Time for Exercise

Have Foods Rich in Prebiotics

Good gut health is important for maintaining your cleansing system. Therefore, our intestinal cells have detoxification and secretion system. Moreover, it protects the intestines and body from harmful compounds, such as chemicals.

However, good stomach health starts with prebiotics. They are a form of fiber that helps the healthy bacteria in your intestine called probiotics. Furthermore, they make nutrients called short-chain fatty acids that are good for your health.

Foods Rich in Prebiotics

However, the good bacteria in your intestines become disturbed because of the bad bacteria. This is because of antibiotic use, bad oral health, and food selection. This disturbs your immune systems and increases the chances of disease and infection.

Therefore, eating foods with a good number of probiotics will keep the immune processes healthy. Healthy foods for prebiotics are berries, mushrooms, garlic, onions, and grains.

Drinks that Reduce Bloating

Healthy drinks help you feel stronger after a few days after an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the best of the list of drinks has herbal green teas, warm broths, and water.

Stay Clear of Harmful Products

In our cells, alcohol is harmful, which means that if we drink it, our body starts to work on alcohol before any forms of energy. Therefore, when our body is still working on alcohol, the other calories in the diet or drink turn into fat.

Furthermore, most of the alcohol processes in our liver. Liver enzymes change alcohol into a substance that causes cancer. However, the intestine changes it into a simple product and removes it from our body.

Although studies have found that less alcohol intake is good for heart health, extra drinking can cause many health problems. Therefore, drinking can harm your liver functions by causing fat addition and bruising.

However, the liver cannot work properly until it does the needed work. Such as removing waste and other harmful products from the body. Therefore, stopping or staying away from alcohol is one of the best ways to save the body’s detoxification system.

Health professionals say that we should decrease the amount of alcohol to one drink a day for women and two for males.

Consume Foods High in Anti-Oxidants

Antioxidants save the cells from harm done by free radicals. Berries, fruit, seeds, caffeine, herbs, and drinks such as coffee and green tea contain some of the best amounts of antioxidants. Our body makes these molecules on its own as well for processes, like digestion. However, drugs, cigarettes, a bad diet may make many free radicals.

Foods High in Anti-Oxidants

Furthermore, doing harm to the body’s cells, some compounds cause many diseases. These are diabetes, lung problems, heart disease, asthma, and other types of cancer.

Therefore, having foods that have a large number of antioxidants will help the body fight oxidative tension. Focus on having antioxidants from food, not drugs, which can raise the harm of some diseases when taken in high numbers.

Keep a Healthy Balance

Any single meal or beverage should not be off boundaries. On the other hand, think about the things that you enjoy on a daily basis. From the ones that you can eat a lot to those that you cannot eat a lot.

Therefore, you should try to eat 80 percent of healthy foods and 20 percent of the food your body wants to eat. Types of foods that we need to reduce our deep-fried foods, sugary drinks, sweets or popcorn, and meats like hot dogs.

However, if at times you think that you really want to eat candy, don’t worry. You can have a few pieces of candy or some chips. As long as you make good choices, the detox will work.

Final Word

Detox foods decrease harmful products and improve health to increase weight loss. However, these diets are not as helpful as they might seem. Therefore, you don’t need them as your body has its own great detoxification system.

However, you can improve your body’s own detoxification process and increase your overall health by drinking more water, drinking less alcohol, doing exercise, and eating antioxidant-rich foods.


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